Lube…for kegs

Brewer’s Edge Keg lube to grease your parts. Specifically O rings and gaskets. It is safe for rubber, silicone and plastic. Makes keg fittings easier to install and remove and extends the life of your seals.IMG_3199.jpg

I just picked up this keg lube from Amazon earlier last month. I have a 2 tap kegerator but found that I can fit two cornys and a 2.5 gallon torpedo keg up on the ledge, which is a beautiful thing.

However, I am always switching around the CO2 connections and the beer line connections to sample from all three kegs. There is not a lot of maneuverability in the kegerator to disconnect and reconnect the fittings. The lube has made it easier to connect and reconnect without the room to apply a lot of pressure from the top of the fitting. It also helps seal the lid O ring and ensures a tight seal. Only a $6 investment and the lube seems to be lasting throughout the life of the beer.

I haven’t been using it long enough to test the claim that the lube will extend the life of the gaskets and O rings, but will keep an eye on them – I rarely replace them as it is unless its a real tear.

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